The watch is excellent in many features and use
X2 Specifications:
Supports the Arabic language
Accurately support measurements (pulse - temperature - oxygen in the blood)
- A battery that lasts for more than a day and a half at least, and two and a half days in normal use
- By the ball on the side You can , you move through the menu 
- Supports mobile calling 
- The clocks have an alarm, the mode of disturbed sports, and the stopwatch
- The clock supports changing the background with any background in your style
- The clock contains 10 basic backgrounds
- The clock screen has high clarity in sunny weather a picture in the sun
- The sound of the clock is very loud and audible in any crowd
- Attached to a magnetic charger
- The watch is charged in two hours, fully charged 
- The program for the watch is easy and simple, its name: Vband

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